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Journaling Your Cross Stitch Project

(To help with journaling we have our free printable pages section!)There are as many different reasons for keeping a cross stitch journal as there are projects to keep track of! Some might keep one so that they can tell how many hours they put into each project. Another might keep one so they can go back and remember just what was going through their minds while they worked. Someone else might just like to keep a record of how far they got in one day. Whatever your reason, there are PLENTY of ways to make your journal as much of an enjoyment as your finished pieces.

Some people might opt for a photo album that has room on the sides or the bottom for writing, but, for others, a regular 80 page notebook will suffice. I, personally, decided to go with a 3-ring binder full of loose-leaf paper and a bunch of dividers so I can label each section with the name of the project I’m working on. Another suggestion might be an actual scrapbook. You might take pictures every time you write an entry. Then, you can put the pictures in your scrapbook, with a journal entry, and you’ll be able to SEE your progress as well as read about it.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to write in it every day–only when you’re inspired to do so. The journal entries can also be an added bonus to someone receiving your finished piece as a gift. It can be uplifting to read about the love that went into their gift and all the “frogging” that is sometimes inevitable.

Whatever your journaling method, you can rest assured that reading about the love and sweat that went into a project will mean just as much as the finished piece. It’s just another legacy left by the cross stitcher.

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