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Making a Poncho without Sewing

Ponchos are great accessories to dress up almost any outfit. And when they’re made out of a warm material, they are great for covering up on cold days. Did you know that you can make a fleece poncho without having to sew a stitch?

Fleece is great for no-sew projects because it will not ravel. And it’s an ideal material for ponchos. Putting on a fleece poncho is kind of like having a wearable blanket. These are great for keeping kids warm, and adults love them as well. Here’s how to make a no-sew fleece poncho:


* 3/4 to 1 yard of fleece
* Scissors
* Measuring tape
* Bowl
* Disappearing ink pen


1. Cut the piece of fleece into a square of the desired size. For an infant, it will need to be about 18 inches; for a toddler, about 27 inches; and for a larger child, about 30 inches. The correct size for an adult will depend on shirt size.

2. Fold the square in half diagonally. Make sure the fold and all corners and edges are even.

3. Measure the folded edge, marking the center point. Then mark about 3 inches on each side of that mark to determine where the edges of the neck hole should be. This measurement may vary depending on the size of the wearer’s head, and will be larger for adults.

4. Use the bowl to mark a semi-circle between the markings you made. Cut along the line to make the neck. If you’re not sure about the neck size, try it on for size.

5. At this point, the poncho is ready to wear. If you want fringe on it, lay it flat and cut strips around the edges of about 1 1/2 inches long (or a little longer for an adult poncho) and 1 inch wide.

6. If you want to add more embellishment, thread a large bead onto each piece of fringe and tie the end in a knot. You could also add studs or rhinestones using a Bedazzler. To jazz up the neckline, you could cut a vertical slit down the middle, punch three or four holes on each side of the slit, lace it up with leather cord and tie it in a bow. Iron-ons are not recommended, because the high temperature that is required to add them could melt or burn the fleece.

Making these no-sew fleece ponchos is very easy, and it’s inexpensive as well. Fleece can be found in the craft department of your favorite discount store for about $5 a yard, and you can find inexpensive embellishments there as well. At that price, you could make ponchos for the entire family, then make some to give as gifts too!

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