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Create Your Own Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag

If you are the crafty type, you’re probably used to making crafts with your child. You may even make clothing for them. Have you tried to create your own Halloween trick-or-treat bag instead of buying a ready-made one? Depending upon how crafty you are, there’s nothing to stop you from creating a one-of-a-kind trick-or-treat bag your child will love.

The easiest way to create your own Halloween trick-or-treat bag is to find a solid colored shopping or gift bag. Choose from orange, black, brown, red, and white because they are common colors for this season. Either your or your child can decorate your paper bag in any number of ways. This type of bag is also available in a number of sizes so you can make one to fit the amount of candy you expect to get.

To decorate these bags you can find rubber stamps, stickers, or you can draw pictures on the bag. Cover the outline of your drawing with glue and then sprinkle Halloween colored glitter on the bag to make your bag stand out and sparkle. Haunted houses, skeletons, witches, or pumpkins are common items that you may choose from.

If you’d like to try something a little different, why not make a duct tape bag to hold your trick-or-treat goodies? Find a suitably sized paper bag. Use duct tape in white, yellow, and reflective orange. You can create your own reflective candy corn trick-or-treat bag.

Open up the bag and cut off the bottom of the bag. Cover the bag with the duct tape going across the whole opened bag. Seal one of the short edges of the bag by using duct tape over the edge. Roll the bag into a cone and secure the shape by putting a piece of duct tape to hold both sides closed. Create a bottom by cutting slits and overlapping them. Tape them closed to keep the bag together. Finish the bag off by putting a strap made of two pieces of duct tape, sticky sides together, and attach it to the bag on both sides.

Some moms create Halloween trick-or-treat bags out of cloth bags that can be decorated with fabric paint or embroidery. Still others put together bags out of quilt squares that have been made out of Halloween-themed fabric. They can change the look of the bag each year by having fabric cut-outs that can be tacked onto bag. These are especially great for little girls because if they are made to be reversible, they can be used at other times, depending upon the other fabric used.

Crafty moms all over have made Halloween costumes for years. Now you can create your own Halloween trick-or-treat bag to match the costume. Your child will love having something besides candy wrappers to remember the day by. And you never can tell if you might just pass along the tradition of making Halloween trick-or-treat bags onto your child.

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More Quick and Easy Trick or Treat Bags

When we think of Halloween, we usually think of costumes. Kids (and many adults) put a lot of thought into putting together the perfect one, complete with mask or face paint, wigs, and accessories. The trick or treat bag is often an afterthought.

But just as a great handbag is the perfect accent to any outfit, an awesome trick or treat bag can enhance any costume. Here are some tips for making an easy trick or treat bag that is sure to be a hit.

* Use some Halloween-themed fabric to sew a simple bag. You can whip one up in no time with a sewing machine, or they can easily be sewn by hand if you don’t have one.
* Find a plain, solid-colored tote bag to dress up. You can decorate it to your liking by sewing or gluing on embellishments, or with fabric paint.
* Use a plain brown paper shopping bag, or an inexpensive gift bag. Either one can be decorated simply with markers, or more elaborately with embellishments and glue.
* Use a bucket instead of a bag. You can catch kids’ beach buckets on sale at the end of the summer for cheap, and they’re easy to embellish.
* Match the bag to the costume. This applies not only to color, but also to the theme of the bag. If it’s to go with a dog costume, for example, you could make a dog face on it, or add some silver bone charms.
* Add some glow in the dark accents. Some options include fabric paint, foam decals and stickers. Not only do these add a nice spooky touch, they also increase safety when trick or treating at night.

Do you need some ideas to get you started? Here are a few simple ones:

* Jack-o-lantern bag – Buy an orange gift bag. Cut three triangles out of black construction paper for the eyes and nose, and cut out a smiling mouth. Glue them on for a quick and whimsical trick or treat tote.
* Princess bag – For girls who are getting all dolled up for Halloween, a bag fit for royalty is in order. You can make one in short order by putting stick-on gems (or using a Bedazzler) on a pink canvas tote bag. Use satin ribbon to make some pretty bows to stitch on.
* Spider web bag – Find some fabric with a spider web pattern to use to sew a tote bag. Paint over the web pattern with glow in the dark fabric paint, and embellish with plastic glow in the dark spiders.
* Monster bag – Decorate a plain grocery or gift bag to look like Frankenstein, Dracula, or another favorite villain. Use construction paper, markers, googly eyes, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

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