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Make a Photo Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day

paper for photo flowers Mother's Day giftsMost moms love flowers, and all love photos of their families. Why not combine those two ideas to give Mom flowers that will never die and feature cherished photos of her children? These Mother’s Day photo flowers are a great way to make use of those pictures that didn’t make it into the scrapbook, or maybe they’ve been hiding in a shoebox on a shelf somewhere.

Receiving such a personalized, handmade gift with pictures of her loved ones is sure to make Mom’s big day extra special. Even small children can make them with a little help with the cutting.


* Construction paper, colored card stock or patterned scrapbook paper
* Glue or glue stick
* Photos
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Clear tape
* Green chenille stems


1. Cut photos into circles. To make it easier, try putting a 50 cent piece, spool of thread or other small, round object on top of the face you want to cut out and tracing around it. Then cut around the circle you drew. If you want to be a little fancier, use a scalloped circle punch to add a decorative edge to your cutout photo.

2. Draw the outline of a flower on a piece of card stock or construction paper, making sure you’ll have plenty of room for the photo by placing it in the middle to draw around. This is a great step for the kids to get involved with. Have them cut out the flower shapes.

3. Trace around your original flower on paper in other colors to make as many flowers as you have pictures. Cut them out and set them aside.

4. Glue each photo into the center of each flower. If using liquid white-glue, take care not to use too much. Wipe any excess around the edges off with a paper towel.

5. If you like, draw more flower shapes on patterned paper or contrasting colors of construction paper or card stock. Make these about 1/4 inch larger than the first ones. Glue the flowers with the photos onto a larger flower shapes, centering them so that they have an even border.

6. Attach a chenille stem to the back of the flowers with tape. Trim the stems if needed.

7. Repeat with the rest of your flower cutouts and maybe make some without photos to create a big, beautiful photo flowers bouquet.

Presentation Ideas

  • Bundle the flowers together and tie a ribbon around the stems. Spread them out above the ribbon so that all are visible.
  • Make a flowerpot to put the flowers in. Use markers or paint to decorate a styrofoam cup, stick some floral foam in the bottom, and stick the stems into it to create a pleasing arrangement. Glue some Spanish moss on top of the floral foam to complete the look.
  • If you prefer, omit the stems and make the photo flowers into magnets. You can buy strips of peel and stick magnets at any craft store. Just cut off the size of magnet that you need, peel off the paper and stick the adhesive side to the back of each flower.
  • If you want to keep the flowers looking beautiful longer, have an adult help to laminate them before attaching the stems.

This is a great idea for the kids to get involved with, and makes a cherished keepsake you could give to Mom, or even a Grandmther this Mothers’ Day.


Photo credit: golden_lily

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